BT - The Emergency (Cover)

Here’s one of my favourite song songs by one of my favourite artists, my version. I hope I did it at least a little bit of justice.¬†With time, I hope to finish more acoustic covers from his amazing album;¬†These Hopeful Machines.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ;-)

New Song - You Give Me Life

The singer in this song is Susannah Jaques. A musician I met when first discovering my interest in music by learning the Flute. As well as singing & performing with the flute, she plays piano and took an opportunity at learning violin & tenor sax earlier in her life.

The song is an old one that I never got to record and finish. The majority of the musical content was based on my first music composition in Sibelius (for my very first school assignment for music) and written in 2007. The following year at my high school show camp, I wrote the majority of the lyrical content. I was very close to nature and had a burst of inspiration to write a poem. Prior to that incident, I had never written lyrics for a song before. So in a way, this is a refined first song. Lyrics are below: